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are tectonic plates dishwasher safe?

idk but they’re perfect for a continental breakfast

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what the fuck is this snake’s problem


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whattup yo, Nik aka: chemicalmuffin tagged me in a game so…. watch me go.

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My sisters puppy Sailor Doodle, not sure what her breeds are. 

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  • Today I did not want to see people or talk to anyone and I don’t really know why. Alas, I work in customer service.
  • I must’ve been giving off a sad puppy vibe though because my manager told me to beat it 20 minutes early after the boss went home.
  • I came home, put my tiger onesie on, sat in front of my S.A.D. lamp for 3 hours, and ate my weight in pasta. It’s helping.
  • On my walk home, a tiny, ugly dog went out of its way to come and speak to me and that cheered me up no end.
  • I washed all my stuffed animals and now they smell amazing. That’s also helping.
  • My bed is full of fluffy, clean-smelling cuddly toys, did I mention?
  • I might not have wanted to talk to anyone today, but that rule doesn’t seem to apply to the boyfriend.
  • We haven’t stopped talking since we met, and I don’t really know what to make of that (I don’t talk to anyone as much as this), but I think I like it a lot.
  • I wish I could’ve petted more dogs today.

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